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== Description ==

Thieves live in the shadow and thus have learned to strike from it, delivering devastating blows to unsuspecting targets.

Equipment Edit

Thieves can use crossbows and thrown weapons, or dual wield daggers.

They rely on light armour (body, gloves boots) but they cannot use helmets, only hats.

Skills Edit

Skill Description Type / Target Requirements / MP Cost / Effect
Thief stealth
Ability to sneak about the battlefield, staying out of the enemy's focus Passive

Attraction -5%, -0.25%/level
Pick-pocket chance +0.5%/level
Resist physical conditions +0.0015/level
Dodge attack +5%, +0.1%/level
Combat initiative +0.2, +0.003/level
Physical damage +0.35/level
Combat initiative +0.002/level (requires level 60)

Thief luck
Sometimes everything goes your way Passive

Luck +2%, +0.15%/level
Dual weapons wielding penalty -0.005/level
Long range penalty -0.005/level
Resist physical conditions +0.1, +0.005/level
Combat initiative +0.025, +0.01/level
Physical damage +0.35/level

Thief backstab
A mighty thrust to the foe's vital organs Attack
Single enemy

Requires Stealth Level 15
18 MP + 4%/level
Requires movement, dagger
Physical damage (Condition effect) +1, +10%, +0.4%/level
Bypass row protection +1
Deterioration (requires level 10):
Duration +3 rounds, +0.05 round/level
Inflict +0.25, +0.005/level
Restore health points (Condition effect) -35%, -0.5%/level
Elemental damage (Condition effect) -35%, -0.5%/level
Inflict (Condition effect) -35%, -0.5%/level
Minimum random targets (Condition effect) -0.2, -0.01/level
Maximum random targets (Condition effect) -0.5, -0.025/level

Thief steal
A quick grab for the target's purse Effect
Single enemy

15 MP + 4%/level
Requires movement
Steals gold pieces:
Pick-pocket chance +50%, +0.5%/level
Confusion (requires level 30):
Inflict +0.15, +0.0025/level
Duration +2 rounds, +0.05 round/level

Thief hide
Move out of range of the fight and into a prime striking position Raise

Requires Stealth Level 5
15 MP + 4%/level
Requires movement
Duration 4 rounds, +0.075 round/level
Attraction (Condition effect) -50%, -0.5%/level
Physical damage (Condition effect) +1, +5%, +0.2%/level
Physical protection (Condition effect) +1, +5%, +0.2%/level
Parry (Condition effect) +0.025, +0.0015/level
Bypass row protection (Condition effect) +1 (requires level 15)

Thief lucky7
Lucky 7
Roll for gold with your lucky flair Random effect
Single enemy

Requires Luck Level 20
38 MP + 4%/level
Requires movement
Random effect:
Duration 4 rounds, +0.05 rounds/level
Inflict +0.15, +0.005/level
Inflict +0.15, +0.005/level
Inflict +0.15, +0.005/level
Fear (requires level 10):
Inflict +0.15, +0.005/level
Berserk (requires level 10):
Inflict +0.15, +0.005/level
Confusion (requires level 20):
Inflict +0.15, +0.005/level
Petrify (requires level 40):
Inflict +0.15, +0.005/level

Thief slit
A slip of the knife across the target's neck Attack
Single enemy

Requires Backstab Level 20
Requires Luck Level 20
75 MP + 4%/level
Requires movement, dagger
Slashing damage 20%, +0.3%/level
Fatal wound chance +1%, +0.04%/level (requires level 40)

Thief taunt
Incessant chatter to infuriate the enemy Effect
Single enemy

Requires Luck Level 10
40 MP + 4%/level
Requires speech
Psychological damage +10, +8%/level
Berserk (requires level 20):
Duration +2 rounds, +0.05 rounds/level
Inflict +0.15, +0.0035/level

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