Sorcerer male Sorcerer female

Description Edit

Sorcerers use magic to impart curses to their enemies or boost their comrades.

Unlocked after Honorable guild #2 (Obtain 400 honor points) is completed.

Equipment Edit

Sorcerers can only use staves in battles.

They can wear clothes, hat, bracers and footwear.

Skills Edit

Skill Description Type / Target Requirements / MP Cost / Effect
Sorcerer potency
Mastery of the dark arts Passive

Darkness damage +0.5/level
Inflict +0.0025/level

Sorcerer lore
A penchant for learning and memory of that which is learned Passive

Maximum mana points +3/level
Duration +0.05 rounds/level
Experience points +0.25%/level

Sorcerer warmhearted
Warm Blooded
Burning passion into the heart gives great resistance to evil Passive

Ice vulnerability -0.005/level
Darkness vulnerability -0.005/level
Maximum health points +0.75/level

Sorcerer coldhearted
Cold Hearted
A lack of emotion to guard the mind Passive

Fire vulnerability -0.005/level
Light vulnerability -0.005/level
Resist psychological conditions +0.05, +0.0035/level

Sorcerer empathy
Curse that causes painful feelings of guilt for those who hurt Effect
Single enemy

13 MP + 4%/level
Requires speech
Duration +3 rounds, +0.05 rounds/level
Inflict +0.1, +0.0065/level
Empathy damage ratio +100%, +4%/level

Sorcerer reflect
Mystical field that bounces away harmful magical spells Effect
All allies

Requires Lore Level 10
Requires Warm Blooded Level 10
50 MP + 4%/level
Requires speech
Duration +2 rounds, +0.05 rounds/level
Reflect chance (Condition effect) 25%, +0.5%/level

Sorcerer doom
Curse of dread upon that slowly takes a life away from the enemy Effect
Single enemy

Requires Potency Level 10
Requires Cold Hearted Level 10
35 MP + 4%/level
Requires speech
Inflict +0.1, +0.005/level
Duration +3 rounds, +0.05 rounds/level
Darkness damage 15%, +0.35%/level
Fatal wound chance +1%, +0.025%/level

Sorcerer mute
Force a foe to close its mouth Effect
Single enemy

Requires Cold Hearted Level 5
20 MP + 4%/level
Requires speech
Duration +3 rounds, +0.05 rounds/level
Inflict +0.25, +0.005/level
Deals (requires level 50):
Mana damage 20%, +0.3%/level

Sorcerer raisedead
Raise Dead
Dark ritual that raises frail corpses to fight former friends Effect
All enemies

Requires Potency Level 20
Requires Lore Level 20
50 MP + 4%/level
Requires speech
Revive chance +50%, +0.25%/level

Sorcerer manaleak
Mana Blast
Smiting curse that also eats away at mystic power Effect
Single enemy

Requires Potency Level 5
35 MP + 4%/level
Requires speech
Darkness damage +10, +12.5%/level
Mana damage 10%, +0.7%/level

Sorcerer acquireblessing
Acquire Blessing
Steals enchantments from foes to give to friends Effect
Single enemy

Requires Warm Blooded Level 10
38 MP + 4%/level
Requires speech
Dispels raise:
Dispel raise +0.15, +0.0085/level
Deals (requires level 30):
Darkness damage +15, +13.5%/level

Sorcerer channelcurse
Channel Curse
Siphons negative energies from a friend onto a foe Effect
Single ally

Requires Cold Hearted Level 10
38 MP + 4%/level
Requires speech
Dispels deterioration:
Dispel deterioration: +0.15, +0.0085/level

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