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Description Edit

Paragon of stealth, Ninjas strike with deadly efficiency at the heart of their enemies.

Unlocked after Ladder mastery # 3 is completed (Obtain 35,000 ladder xp).

Equipment Edit

Ninja can only wear clothes, hats, and bracers; no footwear.

They can use 1 or 2 handed swords, daggers, and thrown weapons. They are able to dual wield, including being able to use a thrown weapon in both hands. They cannot use shields.

Skills Edit

Skill Description Type / Target Requirements / MP Cost / Effect
Ninja shadows
Meld into and out of the shadows making it hard for enemies to follow your movements Passive

Attraction -10%, -0.9%/level
Dodge attack +7.5%, +0.175%/level
Dual weapons wielding penalty -0.002/level
Physical damage +0.5/level
Combat initiative +0.2, +0.003/level

Ninja deadly
Skill at striking vital organs and major arteries Passive

Fatal wound chance +0.1%, +0.049%/level
Critical damage +5%, +0.05%/level
Dual weapons wielding penalty -0.002/level

Ninja ninjutsu
Mastery of movement that lets you strike swiftly and slide past the most attentive guardians Passive

Maximum hits +1, +0.05/level
Bypass row protection +1 (requires level 40)
Dual weapons wielding penalty -0.001/level

Ninja immunity
Developing natural immunities to multiple types of damage Passive

Elemental vulnerability -0.004/level
Spiritual vulnerability -0.004/level
Psychological vulnerability -0.004/level
Physical damage +0.5/level
Physical protection +1.5/level

Ninja shuriken
Shuriken fury
Pepper enemies with a massive barrage of projectiles Attack
Random enemies

48 MP + 4%/level
Requires movement, thrown weapon
Minimum random targets +1, +0.015/level
Maximum random targets +2, +0.035/level
Minimum hits 0.1
Maximum hits +0.03/level
Multiple hit damage decay -0.15%/level
Physical damage -20%, +0.15%/level
To hit -35%, +0.15%/level

Ninja pressurepoints
Pressure points
A tap on the foes' nerves, leaving them crippled or unconscious Random effect
Single enemy

Requires Ninjutsu Level 15
20 MP + 4%/level
Requires movement
Random effect:
Duration: +3 rounds, +0.05 rounds/level
Inflict: +0.15, +0.005/level
Paralysis (requires level 30):
Inflict: +0.05, +0.005/level
Silence (requires level 15):
Inflict: +0.15, +0.005/level

Ninja avenger
A stance that unleashes retaliation on all attacks Raise

Requires movement
Requires Deadly Level 10
Requires Ninjutsu Level 5
15 MP + 4%/level
Duration: +5 rounds, +0.075 rounds/level
Counter all attacks (Condition effect) +35%, +0.65%/level
Counter-attack (Condition effect) +2%/level
Counter-attack damage (Condition effect) +15%, +0.35%/level

Ninja smokebomb
Smoke bomb
A powdered explosive thrown down, sending your enemies into a panic Raise
Random effect
All enemies

Requires movement
Requires Shadows Level 15
Requires Ninjutsu Level 10
45 MP + 4%/level
Duration: +2 rounds, +0.05 rounds/level
Dodge attack (Condition effect) +10%, +0.25%/level
Random effect (requires level 10):
Duration: +1 rounds, +0.05 rounds/level
Inflict: +0.025, +0.001/level
Duration: +1 rounds, +0.05 rounds/level
Inflict: +0.025, +0.001/level

Ninja unsheath
A powerfully drawn sword causes a whirlwind to devastate a foe Effect
Single enemy

Requires movement, sword
Requires Ninjutsu Level 20
Requires Immunity Level 20
50 MP + 4%/level
Wind damage +10, +12.5%/level
Deterioration (requires level 15):
Duration: +2 rounds, +0.05 rounds/level
Inflict: +0.05, +0.0025/level
Physical damage (Condition effect) -35%, -0.65%/level
? vulnerability (Condition effect) +0.05, +0.005/level

Ninja assassinate
A merciless strike at enemy's vital organs Attack
Single enemy

Requires Deadly Level 25
50 MP + 4%/level
Requires movement
Fatal wound chance (Condition effect) +1%, +0.04%/level
Physical damage (Condition effect) +1, +45%, +0.85%/level

Ninja mindgames
Mind games
A wandering voice and sharp comments leave the target questioning their sanity Random effect
Single enemy

Requires Eagle Eye Level 25
20 MP + 4%/level
Requires speech
Random effect:
Duration: +3 rounds, +0.05 rounds/level
Inflict: +0.015, +0.005/level
Inflict: +0.015, +0.005/level
Confusion (requires level 25):
Inflict: +0.005, +0.005/level
Charm (requires level 35):
Inflict: +0.005, +0.005/level
Empathy (requires level 45):
Inflict: +0.005, +0.005/level
Empathy damage ratio (Condition effect) +100%, +2.5%/level

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