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Description Edit

Monks refuse to use any equipment whatsoever and rely solely on their fists, feet and technique to survive.

Equipment Edit

The monk attack with bare hands, so he cannot wield any weapon.

He can only wear cloth armor and bracers.

Skills Edit

Skill Description Type / Target Requirements / MP Cost / Effect
Monk quickness
Develop great quickness to land more hits Passive

Minimum hits +0.075/level
Maximum hits +1, +0.15/level
Combat initiative +0.1, +0.004/level

Monk pummel
Hard Hitting
Hardened fists swing with more power than many weapons Passive

Blunt damage +1/level
Blunt damage +25, +2/level (requires level 30)
Blunt damage +50, +4/level (requires level 60)

Monk nimbleness
Specialization in flowing through the battle and darting around attacks with ease Passive

Parry +0.025, +0.0015/level
Dodge attack +2.5%, +0.075%/level
Multiple hit damage decay -0.2%/level

Monk focus
Deep concentration that develops the senses, the battle becomes everything Raise

18 MP + 4%/level
Duration +3 rounds, +0.075 rounds/level
Physical damage (Condition effect) +5, +50%, +1.25%/level
Physical protection (Condition effect) +5, +50%, +1.25%/level
Parry (Condition effect) +0.025, +0.0015/level
Minimum hits (Condition effect) -50%
Maximum hits (Condition effect) -50%

Monk meditate
Clear the mind and body of imperfictions Restore

Requires Focus Level 10
10 MP + 4%/level
Restore health points +10, +15%/level
Restore mana points +10, +15%/level
Dispel paralysis (requires level 10) +0.5, +0.01/level
Dispel poison (requires level 20) +0.5, +0.01/level
Dispel blindness (requires level 30) +0.5, +0.01/level
Dispel hallucinations (requires level 5) +0.5, +0.01/level
Dispel silence (requires level 10) +0.5, +0.01/level
Dispel deterioration (requires level 30) +0.5, +0.01/level

Monk grab
A powerful hold used to stop foes from acting Attack
Single enemy

Requires Nimbleness Level 5
20 MP + 4%/level
Requires movement
Duration +1.5 rounds, +0.015 rounds/level
Inflict +0.35, +0.005/level
Physical protection (Condition effect) -25%, -0.5%/level
Dispel raise (requires level 15) +0.5, +0.005/level

Monk kicharge
Ki Charge
Draw on the energy flowing within and release it in a blast of focused light Attack
Single enemy

Requires Focus Level 30
50 MP + 4%/level
Light damage +10, +12.5%/level

Monk swipe
Flying Kick
Jump into the air among enemies swiftly attacking each of them before landing back Attack
All enemies

Requires Hard Hitting Level 20
Requires Nimbleness Level 20
65 MP + 4%/level
Requires movement
Physical damage -25%, +0.5/level
To hit (Condition effect) -50%, +0.2%/level

Tips Edit

  • A good idea would be to combine quickness with focus, to increase the amount of hits when using focus.
  • If your meditate is below level 10, you can use it when paralised to restore health and energy without worrying about having to attack.

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