Metallic Mushrhum
Metalic Mushrhum
Level 45 HP 1 MP 50 XP 200K GP 37
Strength 3 Agility 10 Resilience 10
Intelligence 10 Wisdom 10 Charisma 10
Attack power ??? Defense power ???
Family ???
Element ???
Skills ???
Weakness ???
Immune ???
Common loot Ring of nimbleness
Rare loot Spirit Bracers

Found in Ruins

The Metallic Mushrhum is a hard-to-kill monster that gives a huge amount of experience (200,000 points). Its immunity to most forms of attack and tendency to run away together mean that most run-ins new players have with these creatures wind up as wasted turns; however, there are ways to hurt them, and since they have only 1 HP, anything that hurts them kills them instantly.

  • Any physical attack that deals more than 250 damage will overcome the mushrhum's armor. The easiest way to do this is to get an engineer's Ballista up to level 23 or barbarian's Trap level 24
  • If you can't deal 250 damage normally, you might be able to do it by scoring a critical hit. Just pound at the mushrhum until one of your characters scores a critical - if the character is reasonably strong (100 attack power or more), then the critical will probably be enough to overcome the mushrum's armor.
  • Fatal attacks can kill the mushrhum just like any other non-boss monster; however, this is usually only available at high levels.
  • Percentage-damage attacks, such as the Thief's Slit, the Engineer's Trebuchet, and the Musketeer's Snipe, will always do at least one damage, which kills the mushrhums. Trebuchet is especially good, since it hits all enemies and thus can kill a whole party of metallic mushrhums at once.
  • Poison does a percentage of health as damage every turn (and always at least one), so if you can poison the mushrhum, it will die at the end of the turn (unless it runs away first).
  • Sleep won't kill the mushrhum instantly, but it will keep the mushrhum around long enough for other attacks to finish it off - even critical strikes, which usually don't have time to occur before the mushrhum runs away (unless you're using good +critical strike items). Conveniently, attacking a sleeping monster won't wake it up unless you actually do damage, so pounding the mushrhum won't cause it to wake up (unless it dies, in which case it doesn't matter).