Medals are used to create characters. Each medal carries a certain number of points and is either a fighter, rogue or spellcaster medal.

When you enter the game for the first time, you'll be given 3 medals, one of each type and all of 33 points. If you go through the tutorial, they'll be given to you sequentially as you learn about the game. If you jump over the tutorial, you'll end up in the Guild Hall with your 3 new medals, ready for character creation.

You will be able to find new medals by progressing in the game and those new characters will be able to join your party ( as long as your leader can support more team members ).

You cannot change the type of a medal ( ie, change a fighter medal into a spellcaster ) but, within the Guild Hall, you are able to recycle a created character; which essentially destroys that character but recreates the associated medal.

And be on the look out for medals carrying higher points as these will let you create more powerful characters.

You can buy a starter pack within the first month of playing to get three 40 point medals, one of each type. Also, any medals you unlock from Guild achievements will be 35 point medals.

Chapter One Medals Edit

There are 4 medals to be found in the first Chapter. All found medals are 30 point medals.

Order Type of Medal Location Space
1st Fighter Forest L4 two spaces north of resting spot
2nd Rogue Sewers L2 Somewhere in the middle
3rd Spellcaster Sewers L4 D:2 behind a secret door
4th Fighter Ruins L3 D:18 behind a secret passageway

Chapter Two Medals Edit

I don't know how many medals there are in Chapter 2.

Order Type of Medal Location Space
1st Fighter Mountain pass L1 M:11
2nd Fighter Mountain pass L3 B:15
3rd Rogue Snowy peaks L4 L:19
4th Spellcaster Snowy peaks L5 J:15

Guild Achievement Medals Edit

Furthermore you will get 3 more medals from Guild Achievements. 1 of each type.

The Fighter medal will have the Knight unlocked for free and you get it from the Gold Digger Achievement.

The Rogue medal with have the Ninja unlocked for free and you get it from the Ladder Achievement.

The Spellcaster medal will have the Sorceror unlocked for free and you get it from the Honor Achievement.

Additional Rogue medal with have the Singing Axe unlocked for free and you get it from the Honor Achievement