The green dragon is the famous monster that you meet at the end of the Ruins.
Green Dragon

LP: 2500

MP: 500

Skills: Regeneration, Unsheath

When you kill him you end the first episode.

The access of the Dark Ruins cost 250 tokens (one-time fee).


  • Most parties can beat the dragon around level 60. If you want an easy fight, wait until level 70.
  • Since the dragon's HP is huge, poison is very effective (as well as percent damage attacks such as Slit, to a lesser extent).
  • If the dragon casts Regenerate, It will usually be able to recover most of its HP unless you poison it shortly afterwards (if it was already poisoned, you will have to wait for the old poison to run out) or remove the regeneration ("dispel raise" abilities such as Catapult can do this). Ideally, you'll want to prevent him from ever casting Regenerate - Silence is the best way to do this (Illusionists are the best at silencing, but some other classes such as thieves can also do it). The dragon will never cast Regenerate when over 30% of his health, so save your silencing until then. If you can't remove the regeneration, he'll stop casting it eventually... just be prepared for a long battle. The class Sorcerer can use Acquire Blessing to steal Regeneration and use it on allies.
  • May drop Fire Short Sword, Hail Thrower (2 handed throwing weapon, sling.  13 blunt, 8 ice damage), Thunder Spear, or Divine Hammer of Smiting