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Description Edit

Engineers work efficiently and prefer to fight using tools or their constructed machinery.

Equipment Edit

Engineers are proficient with crossbows, maces, and firearms.

They can also wear light armor (body, helmet, gloves and boots). Even though they can wear light helmets, they are unable to wear hats (unlike other classes that are able to wear gear of a lighter category; i.e. - a character that can wear a heavy helmet can nomally also wear a light helmet or a hat).

Skills Edit

Skill Description Type / Target Requirements / MP Cost / Effect
Engineer resources
More and higher quality building material allows for more skill uses Passive

Maximum mana points +5/level
Resist physical conditions +0.035, +0.0025/level
Dispel +0.0035/level
Maximum mana points +100, +5/level (requires level 30)
Maximum mana points +250, +5/level (requires level 60)

Engineer ingeniosity
The ability to think on one's feet and make amazing conclusions Passive

Skill effect bonus +2%/level
Resist psychological conditions +0.025, +0.002/level
Combat initiative +0.2, +0.003/level

Engineer ballista
A giant crossbow, good for stunning targets Attack
Single enemy

Requires Ingenuity Level 5
30 MP + 4%/level
Requires movement
Piercing damage 25, +60%/level
Paralysis (requires level 25):
Inflict +0.125, +0.0035/level
Duration 1 round

Engineer catapult
A powerful siege engine to launch heavy stones that can break through magical enhancements Attack
Random enemies

Requires Ingenuity Level 15
50 MP + 4%/level
Requires movement
Minimum random targets +0.5, +0.02/level
Maximum random targets +1, +0.04/level
Blunt damage 20, +50%/level
Dispels reflect, raise (requires level 20):
Dispel raise +0.1, +0.0025/level
Dispel reflect +0.1, +0.0025/level

Engineer trebuchet
A weight and lever based device made to crush enemies under huge balls of iron Attack
All enemies

Requires Catapult Level 20
Requires Ingenuity Level 20
110 MP + 4%/level
Requires movement
Blunt damage +20%, +0.2%/level

Engineer fortifications
Build walls and dig trenches to shield allies Raise
All allies

Resources Level 15
50 MP + 4%/level
Requires movement
Duration +2 rounds, +0.05 rounds/level
Physical protection (Condition effect) +15%, +0.35%/level
Elemental protection (Condition effect) +10%, +3.5%/level (requires level 20)
Evasion against ranged attacks (Condition effect) +0.25%/level (requires level 20)

Engineer tweakarmor
Tweak Armor
Adjustments and well placed plates covers weak spots in anyone's defenses Raise
Single ally

Requires Tweak Weapon Level 10
Requires Resources Level 5
25 MP + 4%/level
Requires movement
Duration +3 rounds, +0.05/level
Physical protection (Condition effect) +50%, +2.5%/level
Elemental protection (Condition effect) +50, +10%/level

Engineer tweakweapon
Tweak Weapon
Time taken to hammer, hone, and enhance a weapon Raise
Single ally

25 MP + 4%/level
Requires movement
Duration +3 rounds, +0.05/level
Physical damage (Condition effect) +25%, +0.75%/level
Fire damage bonus (Condition effect) +25, +5/level (requires level 30)

Engineer ink
Aqua vitae
An amazing concoction designed to invigorate and clear the drinkers mind and body Raise
Single ally

Requires Resources Level 15
Requires Ingenuity Level 15
30 MP + 4%/level
Requires movement
Dispels poison, paralysis, empathy, silence, blindness, hallucinations, sleep, charm, confusion, berserk, fear:
Dispel physical conditions +0.25, +0.0025/level
Dispel psychological conditions +0.25, +0.0025/level
Raise (requires level 30):
Duration +3 rounds, +0.05 rounds/level
Resist physical conditions (Condition effect) +0.15, +0.005/level
Resist psychological conditions (Condition effect) +0.15, +0.005/level

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