Character classes are separated into three categories: Fighters, Rogues, and Spellcasters. Paying to unlock one of the locked classes permanently unlocks the first class in the list, even if you paid for later one (i.e. if you pay 500 tokens to get a Singing Axe, the next time you get a Rogue medal Ninja will be unlocked).

Medal warrior
Medal rogue
Medal spellcaster
(500 tokens)
(500 tokens)
(500 tokens)
(500 tokens)
Singing axe
(500 tokens)
War Wizard
(500 tokens)
(500 tokens)

Fighters Edit

Soldier: A melee weapons and armor specialist, the soldier focuses only on combat skills and techniques.

Barbarian: Forsaking martial techniques, barbarians prefer relying on their own brute strength and resilience to vanquish their foes.

Guard: Guards have powerful defensive skills, they are trained to protect others even if it means putting their own lives in harm's way.

Monk: Monks refuse to use any equipment whatsoever and rely solely on their fists, feet and technique to survive.

Knight: Wearing heavy armor and mounting powerful war horses, knights are masters of the battlefield.

Berserker: A berserker's rage is so great that they can rip apart a massive army single-handledly.

Paladin: Paladins are the leaders of armies and use their formidable mystical skills to manage troops and crush the enemy.

Rogues Edit

Archer: Archers use their bows to cripple targets from afar and are the bane of any spellcaster.

Thief: Thieves live in the shadow and thus have learned to strike from it, delivering devastating blows to unsuspecting targets.

Engineer: Engineers work efficiently and prefer to fight using tools or their constructed machinery.

Musketeer: Musketeers are versatile fighters that rely mostly on their agility and wits to assure their survival.

Ninja: Paragon of stealth, Ninjas strike with deadly efficiency at the heart of their enemies.

Singing Axe: Carrying only axes, they long for bloodbaths and vow their existence to making it happen.

Spellcasters Edit

Evoker: Evokers are powerful spellcasters, masters of the elements. Manipulating elements, evokers can deal great amount of damage to their enemies.

Healer: Healers have dedicated their lives to helping others. They can heal all kind of body ailments.

Illusionist: Illusionists are spellcasters that specialize in mental exercise and spectacular displays, meant to disrupt and confuse their enemies.

Bard: Using their music, bards boost the abilities of the party or hinder the enemy. They use minimalistic armor so they can freely play their instrument.

Sorcerer: Sorcerers use magic to impart curses to their enemies or boost their comrades.

War Wizard: Wizards of War are masters of the battlefield, they can both cast offensive spells and defensive spells.