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Description Edit

Forsaking martial techniques, barbarians prefer relying on their own brute strength and resilience to vanquish their foes.

Equipment Edit

Barbarian can equip a lot weapons: sword, axe, spear, dagger, bow and mace.

They can only wear light armour like clothes, light helmet, gloves and light boots.

Skills Edit

Skill Description Type / Target Requirements / MP Cost / Effect
Barbarian buff
Muscular strength and training power Passive

Physical damage +1/level
Physical damage +10, +1.5/level (requires level 30)
Physical damage +40, +3/level (requires level 60)
Physical damage +60, +4.5/level (requires level 90)
Fatal wound chance +2% (requires level 100)

Barbarian survival
Natural inctinct for survival and resistance to injury Passive

Maximum health points +3/level
Maximum health points +100, +15/level (requires level 30)
Maximum health points +250, +30/level (requires level 60)
Physical protection +50% (requires level 100)

Barbarian rush
Launch a violent attack which can also temporarily raise adrenalin levels Attack
Single enemy,

21 MP + 4%/level
Requires movement
Physical damage +1, +20%, +0.8%/level
Raise (affects inflictor) (requires level 25):
Duration +2 rounds, +0.05 rounds/level
Combat initiative (Condition effect) +30%, +0.25%/level
Parry (Condition effect) +15%, +0.25%/level
Maximum hits (Condition effect) +0.5, +0.01%/level (requires level 35)

Barbarian war cry
War Cry
A cry so powerful that it can cure negative effects affecting the allies Dispel
All allies,
All allies

Requires Buff Level 5
8 MP + 4%/level
Requires speech
Dispels hallucinations, sleep, charm, confusion, fear:
Dispel fear +0.5, +0.005/level
Dispel sleep +0.5, +0.005/level (requires level 5)
Dispel confusion +0.5, +0.005/level (requires level 15)
Dispel charm +0.5, +0.005/level (requires level 20)
Dispel hallucinations +0.5, +0.005/level
Raise (requires level 20):
Resist fear (Condition effect) +0.2, +0.005%/level
Resist sleep (Condition effect) +0.2, +0.005%/level (requires level 25)
Resist confusion (Condition effect) +0.2, +0.005%/level (requires level 30)
Resist charm (Condition effect) +0.2, +0.005%/level (requires level 35)
Resist hallucinations (Condition effect) +0.2, +0.005%/level
Duration +2 rounds, +0.03 rounds/level

Barbarian sweep
Path of Destruction
Crash through the enemy lines swinging wildly Attack
All enemies

Requires Assault Level 25
Requires Survival Level 25
60 MP + 4%/level
Requires movement, sword, axe, spear, dagger, mace
Physical damage -25%, +0.2%/level
To hit -50%, +0.2%/level
Critical damage -50%, +0.2%/level

Barbarian rampage
Hell Cry
Hellish bellow which sends the barbarian in a violent rage Raise
All enemies

Requires War Cry Level 15
Requires Assault Level 15
20 MP + 4%/level
Requires speech
Raise (affects inflictor):
Duration +3 rounds, +0.075 rounds/level
Physical damage (Condition effect) +25%, +1%/level
Combat initiative (Condition effect) +25%, +1%/level
Berserk chance (Condition effect) +50%, -0.5%/level
Fear (requires level 20):
Duration +1 round, +0.025 rounds/level
Inflict +0.015, +0.00015/level

Barbarian trap
A set of traps which may damage and paralyze a group of enemies Attack
Random enemies

Requires Survival Level 10
20 MP + 4%/level
Requires movement
Maximum random targets +1, +0.03/level
Piercing damage 20, +50%/level
Paralysis (requires level 30):
Inflict +0.1, +0.0035/level
Duration +1 round

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